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Amanda Berry Freed by Charles Ramsey: We Are Freed by His Words

See why his words echo around the world. You have probably seen it: that classic interview of Charles Ramsey amid the crowd on Seymour Avenue. He says things like: “I heard screaming. I’m eating my McDonald’s. I come outside. I

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Angelina Jolie: Brave, Dignified, Inspirational

When Angelina Jolie told the world she’d had a double mastectomy to reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer, the world stopped and drew breath. She wrote about her reasons and experiences in a New York Times’ Op-Ed piece that

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Vin Scully: The Voice of LA

An LA Times article by Doug Smith names Vin Scully as the “Voice of LA.” He is certainly the voice of the Dodgers having called their games for over 40 years. Starting with the Brooklyn Dodgers’ games, he followed the

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Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods Spoil a Walk in the Park

The classic saying about golf is that it is a walk in the park spoiled. Well, possibly two people think that understates the problem. Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods are brilliant golfers who know how the clubs and the white

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Tracy Grimshaw: being unafraid

Tracy Grimshaw has just interviewed Ellen DeGeneres for A Current Affair on the Nine Network in Australia. It was frank, funny and fascinating. She has interviewed many famous people: so many that she has become famous herself. You see, there

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Kim Kardashian: beauty in action

Only the most powerful stars have this particular Wavelength. It is the mode of activity and change. To be compatible, you would have to be someone special. It doesn’t mean you are running the NY marathon. It means you look

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Eva Longoria: Perfect Score

Eva? Not just a pretty face. But, still, a very pretty face! Throughout the interviews we used to test Eva, she was continually focused on activity and change. This gal is on the move. Look out! But, she is cool,

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Harry Styles: Heart and Soul

One thing you have to understand about Harry Styles is his Wavelength. No, not the mop, I mean his vibe, his demeanor. We put Harry’s most recent interviews through the magic electronics of DeepWord and found some very interesting surprises.