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Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods Spoil a Walk in the Park

The classic saying about golf is that it is a walk in the park spoiled. Well, possibly two people think that understates the problem. Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods are brilliant golfers who know how the clubs and the white

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How to Understand People

People have predictable characteristics. Once you know what to look for, understanding them becomes easy. People usually want similar things for similar reasons. In relationships, they give so they can get. They do silly things, but not necessarily because they

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Couple Troubles

5 steps to make your relationship better when things start to go wrong. Okay, let’s say you have a partner or date who is pretty important to you. But things they do niggle and trouble you. Your feelings are in

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Are You Serious? Gen Y is!

‘Are you serious?’ It’s that classic question uttered by Gen Y a million times and more. And, it seems that, when it comes to being serious on dating sites, Gen Y is seriously serious. A few years back, Gen Y

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Serena Dugan & Lily Kanter: more than the sum of their partnership

Patterns with pops of color. Family at fun gatherings. Design projects and traveling timetables. Business and life integrated and entwined: the fabric of success. Serena&Lily is an interior design business that began in California just ten years ago and now

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John & Sherry Petersik: Young Perfect Couple’s House of Love

It is the classic story. A young family starts a blog and becomes a world-wide phenomenon. John and Sherry Petersik started their Young House Love blog just to keep their family and friends informed about their home improvements.  They say

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Where There’s a Wills … There’s a Kate

When people are interviewed, their language is influenced by their circumstances. So, there is absolutely no surprise that both William and Catherine would have certain characteristics in their natural speech during interviews. You could predict them before they opened their

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Eva Longoria: Perfect Score

Eva? Not just a pretty face. But, still, a very pretty face! Throughout the interviews we used to test Eva, she was continually focused on activity and change. This gal is on the move. Look out! But, she is cool,

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Do Opposites Attract, Really?

What’s astonishing is the difference in focus. Miley and Liam have two radically different approaches to interviews, as DeepWord finds instantly. Miley is dynamic. She’s about activity and change. But, Liam is way different. His focus is on knowing and