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Blind Date App

REMEMBER when blind dates used to be a thing? Now they’re back. The internet is over the labour-intensive ritual of online dating and moving into rapid-fire, app-organising territory. OK Cupid has launched an app called Crazy Blind Date, a reincarnation

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You Have to Laugh … or You’d Cry

The hashtag #ChristianMingleUsernames took off as one of Twitter’s biggest tends. Some of the tweets were hilarious and very rude. Here are the best. LovetheCongregation ToNoahMeistoLoveMe Praisethelordnpassthelube PriestKnowsBest HeadingtoConcession Youaintgettingnun FontofAllHappiness FunonSaturdayChurchonSunday OkayifitsGodswill LoveJesus&everyone MarriedToJesusButAvailable GiveMePsalmOfThat TheBurningBush AlwaysOnMyKnees SavingitforJesus BreakinBreadnGivinHead

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Lovestruck’s Success

        To get ahead in e-commerce, small firms need to pick the perfect business partner. Six years ago online dating entrepreneur Brett Harding proved his matchmaking abilities by teaming his marketing skills with those of a master

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Facebook Graph Search a ‘Disruptive Minefield’

Facebook announcement in Menlo Park on Tuesday, so I neither drank the KoolAid nor felt compelled to respond immediately. I’m glad I waited. Facebook’s new Graph Search feature is both a bigger and a smaller story than what most observers were

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Need a Boyfriend to Keep Parents Happy? Hire Him., China’s largest online marketplace, is never short of bizarre offers. And here is the latest one: boyfriends for rent. A rental boyfriend can do the following: accompanying the girl to visit friends and families, go

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Why are Dating Sites So Popular?

We all know that there is nothing worse than being alone at Christmas, so that might explain the huge surge in signups to dating sites over the festive period, but why have they become so incredibly popular? There are plenty

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Katie Holmes Hires Dating Coach

          Actress Katie Holmes, who recently split from husband Tom Cruise, has hired a dating coach. The actress is eager to move on after her split and is seeking professional help to boost her confidence around

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Manti Te’o Not the Only Victim

        People who really ought to know better say what Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o says happened to him has happened to them, and they believe ‘catfishing’ as it it called, happens far more often than people care

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Body Language Expert says Armstrong Lying to Oprah

Dr. Lillian Glass, author of The Body Language Advantage, tells exclusively, ”[Lance’s] body language revealed that he did not want to be giving the interview with his chin scratching, and fingers over his mouth and head scratching. He was very monotone and arrogant

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MayDate: social media steps up to the dating game

WE know about online dating, but what do we know about the brave new world of social media dating? The click-happy courting ritual involves the prospective singles taking themselves out of the dating process by letting friends set them up,

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