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Gen Y Career Break Through

Gen Y is headed for brilliant careers, if they get a few things straight. Learn about the rights and wrongs of Gen Y at work. If Gen Y gets this right, the world will open to Gen Y’s genius. Gen

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Campbell Newman’s Language Style: can it be measured?

The Courier Mail’s Kate Kyriacou reported on 3 March that the ‘chatty’, ‘conversational’ style of the State’s Premier, Campbell Newman, was to be copied by departmental and agency staff when writing letters to the public. Other terms used to describe

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Manti Te’o Not the Only Victim

        People who really ought to know better say what Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o says happened to him has happened to them, and they believe ‘catfishing’ as it it called, happens far more often than people care

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Wall Street Bosses Hail Best Application Letter

When it comes to cover letters, self-aggrandizement is the prevailing attitude among young, ambitious job seekers, but one applicant bucked the trend, going instead for brutal, unflinching honesty. An undergraduate finance student penned a refreshingly sincere cover letter this week

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How Language Predicts Compatibility

How Language Predicts Compatibility When you’re meeting someone for the first time, you’re probably looking at clues likes sense of humor, values, and interests and hobbies to get a sense of your compatibility. I mean, who hasn’t bonded over a

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Shop Proves That Honesty Pays

Shop Relying On Customer Integrity Proves That Honesty Pays Sonia Zhuravlyova says that The Honesty Shop is a retail experience with a difference. Located in a 50-year-old double-decker bus in St Katharine Docks next to the Tower of London, it’s a shop with no

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4 Secrets to Career-Change Happiness

Simple Steps to Happiness in a New Career Annie Favreau shows you how. Career changes can feel like total chaos. Even if you have a solid game plan in place, you’re bound to have uncertain moments where you feel like

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