Daniel Craig is James Bond … Really

There’s no surprise that, with movie stars, you often sense that they are a type. Sure, they’ve got their own personality, their face and physique. They develop that. But, you sometime feel they are all one thing beyond that: they are movie stars. Most of them act that way, too.

But it’s the small differences that sometimes make the biggest impact.

Take, for example, Daniel Craig.

DeepWord found his main focus was on activity and change. As an action man, this is good news. Daniel is not one for gushing information, laborious thinking or pushing his beliefs. Daniel Craig is on the move and, most likely, everything around him is on the move, too. That’s very good. It fits.

Mood and Man Aligned

The other fascinating insight DeepWord imparts is about his mood. Daniel Craig’s disposition is smart and determined. That combination has a sharp, productive edge to it. It’s no-nonsense. Let’s get on with it.

And, deep down, as DeepWord delves into the heart, we find the first, most important characteristic. Daniel is assertive. And, that means, assertive with the world. He engages and it responds.

And, what backs him up, deep down? DeepWord tells us that everything is aligned. Daniel is emphatic and expectant.

If you were casting an actor for a James Bond movie, you’d look for someone who focuses on action and who was smart, determined and assertive. The part was written for Daniel. In fact, he would find it hard to mess it up.

This is how DeepWord responded to Daniel Craig’s interviews.


activity and change                                       

Silent Stance

partly closed

Message Mood

smart  determined  attentive

Deep Down

assertive  emphatic  expectant

Are you on James Bond’s … sorry, I mean,
on Daniel Craig’s wavelength?

Check your messages through DeepWord.


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