David & Victoria Beckham: Made for Each Other

We did what we always do. Put all the text of recent published interviews through DeepWord. A couple of seconds later, it provides its insights into what people are thinking and feeling … and lots more besides.

David Beckham is joining French soccer team, Paris Saint-Germain so it seemed like a good time to think about him and his highly successful relationship with Victoria. We are talking about British royalty here, except David and Posh may be much better than some royals.

The first really striking insight that DeepWord offers is that David and Victoria are both focused on activity and change. Bang. It’s all about vigor and zoom. That’s rare in one person being interviewed. Astonishing in two people.

As he spoke, David’ Silent Stance was partly closed (personally, he seems to be that reserved kind of guy) while Victoria’s was partly open. There’s a difference there but it’s balanced, once you see the rest of these results.

Slight Differences that Complement Brilliantly

As we have seen with other interviews, DeepWord always notices how attentive people are. Both David and Victoria pay attention during interviews and that’s a good thing. But, there are differences in their Message Moods. He is smart and determined. Fools rarely become as successful as Becks and he is definitely not a fool. Add his determination and you can see he packs a punch with his emotions.

But, Victoria leans forward emotionally, too. DeepWord says she’s assertive and expectant. Okay, she’s a serious player. So, that makes two of them.

Right, so what about Deep Down? DeepWord says Victoria is influential (as we’ve said before, it’s amazing how many women who are big stars get this mantle from DeepWord). And, she is determined and smart. Same as David’s Message Mood responses! There’s a clincher.

Now, what about David Deep Down? DeepWord says he is emphatic and serious. I think he even looks that way.

And, DeepWord declares that he is purposeful.

What a Combination!

So, there are parallels between them but they are not exactly the same. This shows a fascinating thing. They are somewhat similar but strongly complementary. They are not opposites they fit together as a unit … some unit!

A pop-singer/fashion designer and a footballer player? Not too clever? Not much going for them? Think again. There you have two icons who remain a family in really challenging circumstances.

I say, good luck to them. They’re both very, very cool.

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