DeepWord Team

The DeepWord team is a small, highly specialized and dedicated group of people who have focused on developing and integrating their knowledge to create an exceptionally powerful communication product that is accessible, relevant, and useful.

Team LeadersFrancisWalsh Portrait

Francis Walsh

A leading consultant to over 300 organizations, nation-wide, Francis Walsh is a communication expert who brings profound, creative insights to his areas of specialization. A writer, lexicographer, grammarian and corporate communications specialist, Francis Walsh is the creator of Infra Language, the revolutionary approach to understanding people though the analysis of the communication structures within their messages.

Brianna Auzmendi

A key leader in the DeepWord Team, Brianna Auzmendi has expertise in psychology, law and journalism. She is an accomplished marketing professional with a creative flare for influential communication in business enterprises based on social networks.

Mohammad Al-Jazaery

At DeepWord, we are lucky to have our brilliant IT Manager, Mohammad Al-jazaery. His skills range from programming (PHP, CSS, MySQL, Javascript and much more) to expertise in Artificial Intelligence. Mohammad is a leading practitioner of software project management, analysis and design. Mohammad is also endlessly helpful, thoughtful, insightful and a brilliant team player.

To have Mohammad Al-Jazaery provide consultancy advice to your project, please email We highly recommend Mohammad for your project.

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