Eva Longoria: Perfect Score

Eva? Not just a pretty face.

But, still, a very pretty face!

Throughout the interviews we used to test Eva, she was continually focused on activity and change. This gal is on the move. Look out!

But, she is cool, too. Her Silent Stance was partly open all the way through. That’s brave and confident. She’s willing to listen. Not a surprise.

Her interview mood is pretty much what you would expect: attentive, emphatic and expectant. But I must say I always like to see expectant there. It means she is projecting into the future. And, wanting something to come of it. I think that shows a great heart.

And, her Deep Down assessment by DeepWord? For such a big star, you would expect nothing less. She is smart. Add to that, she is influential (okay that’s strong) and assertive (ouch, double whammy … well, maybe that’s a triple!)

I’d say that is close to perfection for someone who wants to be … sorry, already is a very big star.

Maybe her star will shine brighter. I expect so.

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