How does DeepWord understand?

DeepWord searches its massive dictionary for the words, symbols, abbreviations and punctuation it identifies in the message. It recognizes slang, typos, emoticons, Twitter short forms, Facebook vernacular and much more. Each dictionary entry is allocated 29 individual values based on its function in creating the structure of the message and other elements. Then, each word is assessed in relation to the other words in the message, including their grammatical and syntactical functions. This creates DeepWord insights that provide a profound understanding of the information, thinking, emotions, and activities that underpin of the message.

How can I use DeepWord?

Relationships, Family and Work
If you are searching for love or in the early stages of a relationship, DeepWord may give you that extra insight into yourself and into others that can save you heartache. If you are concerned about your children and adolescents, their friends, and acquaintances, testing your messages on Facebook and Twitter (and theirs) may give you new insights. If you deal with clients, colleagues, and supervisors at work, DeepWord can provide you with that extra edge that can make all the difference in achieving a sale, working more productively, and  understanding what you need to do to succeed. There is nothing more important than knowing how you are perceived and understood: the cornerstone of all successful interaction.

Why should I trust DeepWord?

Of course, you must take responsibility for your own messages, moods, thoughts and actions. You are entirely responsible for them. However, DeepWord provides an objective test of the message you are going to send (and of the message you have received). DeepWord measures various aspects of language and provides insights without fear or favor. Remember that it does not assess or measure how you feel before or after creating a message.

Why do I feel differently than DeepWord?

DeepWord does not concern itself with your reactions: your thinking, feelings,  or assessments. They are valid. They are you.

DeepWord objectively analyzes the message that you send and any response you receive.

You know, some unemotional messages create powerful emotional reactions. And, some emotional messages leave you feeling cold.

DeepWord takes the role of your objective friend. One you would never relinquish.

What else does DeepWord know?

DeepWord knows lots. It knows nearly 100 different characteristics about every text message. More than that, DeepWord combines each of those characteristics with others, so that DeepWord’s understanding is … very deep.

DeepWord can help you know for sure much more.

So,tell us what you’d like DeepWord
to tell you?


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“I thought it was a toy. But DeepWord is truly penetrating!” Geraldine K. Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

“I like that DeepWord gives you an answer straight off. No waiting or explaining. I use it every time with all my messages: incoming and outgoing.” Wendy R, Gosnells, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

“My English is not so good so I use DeepWord to tell me what the other person is feeling. This helps me very much being Italian and with a different culture.” Domenica A, Nomentana, Roma, Lazio, Italia

“I never respond to a message without putting it through DeepWord. It tells me how they’re thinking so I know how to reply just how they need to hear it." Jeremy H, Myatt’s Fields South, London, UK

“This is a great asset to my business. All my administrative staff use DeepWord to ensure their replies to customers are a perfect fit.” Eileen W, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

“I was hoping DeepWord would tell me everything I needed to know. It didn’t but it helped me so much I will use it with all my txt messages.” Alan de G, San Marco Estates, Tucson, Arizona USA

“Every message I receive with my business I pass through DeepWord. It gives me a unbeatable edge. Very useful both on the personal level and in work negotiations.” Joost S, Hazendal, Cape Town, South Africa

“Mind blowing. So accurate. Exactly what I need.” Pete K, Plaza Milwood, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“I don’t usually trust internet sites, especially web apps. But DeepWord is fast, simple and deadly accurate.” Dale McK, Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“I use it with the emails and IMs I get from my boss and from my wife (same thing really). It lifts my game immeasurably. Couldn’t do without it.” Steve W, Hexthorpe, Doncaster, UK