Gina DeJesus has an Inspiring Mother

It’s been reported that when Nancy Ruiz was told her daughter, Gina DeJesus, was alive and had been freed, she immediately wanted vengeance.

But, by the time she was able to be interviewed in public, another powerful motivation had surged through her.

Asked what she would do if she saw Castro, she is reported to have said: “I would hug him and I would say, ‘God bless you’… I did not hate him. I forgave him years ago. I said it: I forgive whoever done it, just let her go.”

DeepWord sees in her words, a transcendence to deeply admire.

DeepWord says …

Gina DeJesus’s mother is focused on change and on moving forward. And DeepWord says she is completely open in her stance.

That’s truly remarkable. Memorable.

So, how does DeepWord record her mood? Well, it says she’s feeling “expectant, assertive and reactive.”

The first two words grab our attention. She is looking forward positively and she is standing her ground. I think we have a woman of rare strength and certainty. Her mood has been fired in a crucible of indescribable pain.

Then, DeepWord records its insight into her motivations. In the movies, the inspiring music would be swelling and the audience would be in tears. DeepWord says that Gina DeJesus’s mom is “proud, animated and attentive.”

So, she understands her strength (that has been tested beyond human limits) and she is proud that she has survived to see this day. So she should be.

She is driven by the deep conviction that she is alive (animated) and focused on what is real (attentive).

Her experience must be the most intense that a person (a mother) could ever know.

And, she’s achieved a victory: over her grief, over her hate, over the evil that befell her daughter.

Her words are utterly inspiring.

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