Harry Styles: Heart and Soul

One thing you have to understand about Harry Styles is his Wavelength. No, not the mop, I mean his vibe, his demeanor.

We put Harry’s most recent interviews through the magic electronics of DeepWord and found some very interesting surprises.

First, Harry’s Wavelength is feeling and expressing. He can sing so beautifully, so emotionally because that’s really him. So, you have to be emotional to ‘get’ Harry.

When he speaks, Harry is partly open. So, he’s brave enough to allow other people in. Confident, too.

Attentive + Expectant = Sensitive

And, he’s engaging, too. DeepWord said his Message Mood was attentive and expectant. That’s very nice, but he is not a soft touch. His mood was often assertive, as well. After all, he was being interviewed so he had to say something when questioned.

But, dive Deep Down to learn what DeepWord found far below the surface. Harry is smart. No real surprise there. But, more than that. Two words shine out that tell you that you’ve gone very deep. Harry Styles is determined and unyielding.

It’s his open heart protected by his strong soul that DeepWord has found. Real treasure.

Many of his fans, of course, have got that already. And, they love it.

How compatible are you and Harry Styles?

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