In My City, People Laugh





In my city, people are happy. I mean, ‘publicly happy’. They laugh on trains, in shopping malls, and driving around. It always surprises me that they laugh so much. They seem to enjoy their life.

In my city, people talk to you. I mean complete strangers ask you where you bought your sunglasses or what you think of the latest football game results. The pizza delivery guy wants to tell you about his new car. The dry cleaning lady tells you about her last holiday. People like each other. And, they show it. They want to know more about you, but not in a bad way. They are interested.

In my city, apartment blocks are being built up to 80 levels. It’s a big, bustling place, busy with freeways and crowds. But, the beaches and the countryside are always close by. And, there’s a laid back feel that make life really worth living.

In my city, the summer is hot, humid and lazy. We swim a lot, eat mangoes and ride bikes in the warm evenings. The winter is warm, too. No snow, no frost, not much rain. Sometimes,

you have to put on a sweater. Sometimes, shoes. Maybe there are fewer walls between us. Out in the open, we seem to be free.

In my city, people are constantly connecting. The whole city is held together with millions of links between everyone. They talk. They text. They tweet. And, they always seem to want to know more. ‘How did you feel about …?’ ‘What did you think when …?’

Maybe that’s what holds the place together so well. People want to know more than just the superficial. They want to look deeper; to understand a little better. It’s made me work harder at understanding people myself. It’s an effort that’s really worthwhile.

Do you know where I live?

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