John & Sherry Petersik: Young Perfect Couple’s House of Love

It is the classic story. A young family starts a blog and becomes a world-wide phenomenon.

John and Sherry Petersik started their Young House Love blog just to keep their family and friends informed about their home improvements.  They say that before they started the blog, they had never “painted brick, ripped up a carpet, upholstered a chair, made a headboard, caulked anything, or changed our hardware.”

That era has finished for the young couple … sorry, the foursome. You see, they have been joined by their beautiful bean … sorry, daughter, Clara. Her motto? “So much to say, so little time.” And, their now famous Chihuahua, Hamburger (also know as Burger). Their licence plate is “Burgrr”!

Their blog attracts millions of page views. They have written a New York Times bestseller, called, unsurprisingly, “Young House Love”. And they have featured in so many magazines and newspapers that it is close to impossible to list them all.

‘We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re approachable. And [their blog visitors] like getting the perspective from the husband and the wife.”

Okay. Let’s zoom in to look at the way they communicate: their thinking and their message

We got DeepWord to analyze their natural speech … that is, as close as you can get to it through the text of their blog.

When you read Sherry’s text and John’s it is immediately clear that you have two very different people … each with their own voice. It’s fun to feel the different personalities and different perspectives.

But, the amazing power of DeepWord has spoken, and it begs to differ. Massively!

Read these DeepWord responses. They will astonish you.

The first striking thing is that DeepWord says that both John and Sherry generally focus on analyzing and deciding when they blog.

Then, as you would expect, Sherry is mostly closed, while John is partly closed.

So far, they are really close. Surprisingly, maybe.

Now, here is the shock. When she is writing her blog, Sherry is usually expressing a mood that combines being distant, serious and attentive. The wild thing is that DeepWord found that John feels exactly the same. Wow!

As we learn about the psychology of successful couples, we understand that likes attract. More than that: likes attract for a longer time.

These two have probably found their soul mates. They have truly found themselves in each other.

Let’s dive deeper. DeepWord is made for this.

The very big news (could it get any bigger?) is that, DeepWord found them to be almost exactly the same, deep down. Both were determined and deliberate. That’s truly remarkable.

And, the differences? Well, DeepWord found that deep down, she was smart and he was realistic.

So, how close could you expect a couple to be. They have almost exactly the same reading from DeepWord. They are just a point or two off perfect. How lucky is that?

I would say that this is, in fact, the essence of their success, personally and professionally.

Young House Love is really “Young, Aligned Couple’s House of Love.” They are almost exactly the same as each other, the only difference being her smartness and his realism. Wow! What a combination!

Good luck to them.

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