Justin Bieber: Will Power + Smarts

If you hadn’t checked out Justin Bieber in a serious way, you would have fallen for the stereotype: teen heart-throb; pop pap singer; flash in the pan idol.

I’d forgive you for all that. But, you’d have him wrong. Dead wrong. Biebs is not like that. Not at all.

We fed lots of Justin’s interviews into DeepWord for analysis. It’s easy, really. You paste it in and hit Submit. The result pops up.

But, Justin’s results are a surprise. For one, he is not informing or arguing or believing in his interviews. He’s not even expressing his feelings … not all that strongly, anyway. Justin is focused on activity and change. He’s a doer. He’s the pop king / action man. (He even says he’d like to appear in an action movie.)

And, unlike others who, in interviews are pretty closed up … giving their opinions but taking no-one else’s … Justin is partly open. He is in the realm of honest. In the kingdom of real.

But, for all the words we fed through DeepWord, a fascinating mood measure showed up. Of course, he’s attentive (most people are in interviews), but he’s also assertive and smart.

You see, in Justin, there is no fool. He’s quick, with a natural intelligence and grace about him that millions (and on Twitter, we are talking over 33 million) really like. And, some outright love. To say that he’s a ‘naturally gifted musician’ goes without saying, but then, I just said it!

But, DeepWord delves down into the depths of its subject. It searches for meaning beneath the words and it often finds treasure … of the buried kind. And, when you see what DeepWord discovers, it is a real treat. Deep down, Justin is influential. To sharpen his influence, he is emphatic. His messages are sharp and clear. And, that’s all driven by a determination that powers a pop career that could last for a lifetime: yours, mine and his.

This is what DeepWord showed us.