Katy Perry & John Mayer: So Similar But Different Depths

So, now it seems Katy Perry and John Mayer may be an item. Katy is a very big star. John is huge. And, they both love music. They’re so talented.

We have two massive stars running complex and demanding careers but they share so much.

What brings them together; what may drag them apart?

DeepWord looked at their most recent interviews and shone a light on both of these brilliant people.

First, DeepWord spotted a clear difference immediately. Katy spends her interview time noting and informing. That’s common. Lot’s of people do that.

But Mr Mayer comes in on a different angle. His wavelength is analyzing and deciding. He’s an intelligent man, John Mayer (and possibly a musical genius, but don’t tell him I said that). That’s not to say Katy isn’t smart. She’s brilliant in a different way.

Thankfully, the differences close (literally) when DeepWord looks at their respective Silent Stances. Both Katy and John take a slightly closed position in their interviews. Sensible. Professional.

Message Mood Versus Deep Down

Both stars are attentive during the interview (no surprises there, almost all interviewees pay attention, more or less) but DeepWord says her mood is also distant and deliberate. While his is serious and emphatic.

Okay, we are seeing something here. DeepWord sees Katy as being careful and protective. It sees John as being thoughtful and forceful. Get the difference? DeepWord did.

And, deep down? DeepWord says Katy is influential. (So many successful women are.) But, she is also serious and emphatic. And, guess what! DeepWord perceives John’s mood in interviews to be serious and emphatic.

So, what’s deep for her is a mood for him.

And what about John Mayer, way down deep? DeepWord says he is vigilant (we see that a lot in big stars). But, what is fascinating is that DeepWord says John is distant and deliberate deep down.

So, his deeper sensibilities are Katy’s moods. And, vice versa.

These two wonderful people are so very similar, but their differences lie in the different depths they deploy.

(PS. If they really are househunting, DeepWord’s analysis suggests she’ll look for the gorgeous and he’ll look for the sensible.)

This is how DeepWord saw Katy Perry.


Noting and informing

Silent Stance

partly closed

Message Mood                                   

distant  attentive  deliberate

Deep Down

serious  influential  emphatic

This is how DeepWord saw John Mayer.


Analyzing and deciding

Silent Stance

partly closed

Message Mood                                   

attentive  serious emphatic  

Deep Down

Distant deliberate vigilant            

What’s the same and different between you and your love?

Find out by analyzing your words (and theirs) through DeepWord.


Katy Perry


John Mayer


Co-creator of DeepWord. Creator of Infra Language.

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