Lies Make Us Sick

The One Lesson We Must Learn






Whether it’s lying to the USADA or to Rick Reilly. Whether it’s cheating on cycling or cyclical cheating. Whether it’s lying to the Olympic Movement or to Oprah or to the whole world.

It’s the big lie that hurts. It’s the long lie that does the damage. Lance Armstrong must understand that.

You see, lying is very common. People lie at least twice a day. People lie in their resumes. They lie to their mom. They lie online. They lie to their boss. Most of those are little lies, sometimes done with the best of intent.

But, it’s the big lie, the long lie, the profound lie that makes us ill. It’s the feeling you get after you’ve been lied to. You feel ill. It’s in the stomach first, churning with nausea. Then, it rises in your throat: a gasp, like you want to cry. Then, it’s the heart; surging violently from anguish to anger. But, then the poison seeps deep into your mind.

It’s those big lies, those long lies, those vehement lies that do the real damage. They corrode the links of love between people. And, nothing could be worse.

The big lies eat away at what you believe in. They tear into your self-confidence. They make a fool of the wise. They soil the loyal.

In all relationships, online and face-to-face, the big, extended lie is as evil as it gets. It’s the steel-eyed serpent staring through a mask of a human face.

It is utterly vital that we see through the mask. To identify the big bad liars. We don’t want to be fooled again. We have to learn about lying. See the tip of the serpent’s tail. Know the tell-tale signs of people who tell tales.

We have to learn about lying and make sure that cheats can never prosper … again.

Francis Walsh
for DeepWord

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Co-creator of DeepWord. Creator of Infra Language.

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