Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: so close, yet …

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: on or off? Together or apart. There’s speculation in Sydney, LA, and London.

But, we have discovered something fascinating that maybe they don’t even know themselves … or maybe they do.

You know about dating websites? They get you to do ‘personality’ tests and they use lots of formulas to figure who you’re compatible with. They are looking for the match. Looking for people who are the same as each other.

Well, DeepWord does something similar, by analyzing people’s messages and meanings. The good thing is, DeepWord works it out instantly.

So, DeepWord tested interviews by Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s.

This is what DeepWord decided.

Robert Pattinson


Kristen Stewart

DeepWord told us that during interviews, Robert and Kristen both jump into the realm of information. They observe things and they talk about them: noting and informing.

And, as is normal with interviews, they give their points of view and they are partly closed to other’s.

Get the picture? So far, they are exactly the same.

His mood is attentive and vigilant, and so is Kristen’s. So, that makes DeepWord’s insights Twilight-type spooky.

But, see the difference!

DeepWord says that Robert Pattinson’s mood is emphatic, while Kristen Stewart’s is influential. That seems similar, until you think about it. One tries to emphasize a point; the other tries to influence people. One is about clarity and clout. The other is about subtlety and sway. That’s a crucial difference.

And, when DeepWord delves deeper it finds more treasure. Kristen’s emphatic too but it’s not a mood, it’s in her nature. These two are so similar, it’s uncanny. And, they are both trustworthy in their heart of hearts. Maybe it is just one heart in two people!

But, now see the differences.

This is where good people chafe. Deep down, Robert is expectant and certain. Put that with an emphatic mood and you can see the strength he exerts.

And, Kristen is candid. Put that with an influential mood and you can see the pressure a free spirit can deploy.

Robert and Kristen are so similar, it seems like they were made for each other. But, DeepWord shows the differences that could make all the difference, in the end.

Are you on your partner’s wavelength?

Test your messages and test theirs with DeepWord.