Serena Dugan & Lily Kanter: more than the sum of their partnership

Patterns with pops of color. Family at fun gatherings. Design projects and traveling timetables. Business and life integrated and entwined: the fabric of success.

Serena&Lily is an interior design business that began in California just ten years ago and now has a world-wide reach. Headquartered in Sausalito, just near the Golden Gate Bridge, it centers on two people who have been called ‘Yin and Yang’. But, are they opposites or is the pattern really a warp and weft of something bigger?

So, why would DeepWord be focusing on Serena and Lily? Well, we are very interested in people who work together. And, we ‘get’ interior design. DeepWord is seeking precisely that, although our focus is on personal interiors. And, patterns are at the heart of DeepWord, too: the patterns of language and thinking.

What does DeepWord say about the creators of this single entity that bears their two names?

We focused on Serena’s and Lily’s language and found an instant match.

Both of them tend towards analyzing and deciding. Serena praises Lily’s “clear-headed decisiveness,” but we suspect that Serena also has it in spades. Her sharp mind simply manifests itself in a different way.

DeepWord says that both share a Silent Stance as well: partly closed. No surprises there. As you will see, strength and certainty give texture and color to their work.

So, what about the mood of their messages?

Here’s the difference. But, you have to look closer to get this pattern properly; there’s more than meets the eye.

DeepWord says that Chief Executive Officer Lily Kanter’s messages are distant, serious, and attentive. I’d say they are perfect characteristics for a CEO. Not the easiest job in the world but, it seems, Lily has the focus and the flair.

And, Serena? DeepWord says the Chief Creative Officer’s Message Mood is smart, determined, and emphatic. Now, there’s someone who knows her own mind … and who may well know the mind of many others, if the popularity of her creative work tells us anything.

The Mood’s Complement. What About Deep Down?

Very often, DeepWord’s Deep Down analysis is even more fascinating. DeepWord says that Lily’s language suggests she is smart, deliberate, and realistic. I think Serena’s comments confirm that. Doesn’t Lily read like a CEO’s job description?

DeepWord says that, Deep Down, Serena is vigilant, attentive, trustworthy. Put that into context. The visual genius must be vigilant and attentive. Makes sense. And, ‘trustworthy’ suggests she is plumbing deeper truths than simple decoration.

So, maybe the thought that they are Yin and Yang is close to the mark. But, they are not plain opposites. Serena and Lily appear to be a perfect fit that creates a whole. The patterns and colors driving a thriving business are a manifestation of their complementarity. Serena and Lily, through Serena&Lily, have become much more than the sum of their creative and focused partnership.

Learn about you and your partner with DeepWord.

You may learn a lot in an instant about your colleagues, your clients and your customers, too.

Co-creator of DeepWord. Creator of Infra Language.

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  1. Hermes says:

    hey there and thank you for the excellent blog. What a revelation!

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