Shop Proves That Honesty Pays

Shop Relying On Customer Integrity Proves That Honesty Pays

Sonia Zhuravlyova says that The Honesty Shop is a retail experience with a difference. Located in a 50-year-old double-decker bus in St Katharine Docks next to the Tower of London, it’s a shop with no staff and where payments are made in honesty envelopes placed into a custom-made letterbox.

A refreshing alternative to strip-lit stores and garish offer stickers, the Honesty Shop sells a range of British-made souvenirs, knitted clothing, toys, gardening tools and kitchenware. The items are all priced; the idea is that customers are game enough to add the correct money to an honesty envelope and post it into the letterbox without being asked. ‘Bus conductor’ Barnaby who manages the stock, sits upstairs to keep an eye on the proceedings just in case, and looks after the shop’s social media campaigns.

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