Taylor Swift: A Confident Sentry on Guard

What a star is Taylor Swift! She has so much talent. And, now we know a little more.

We put lots of her most recent interviews to DeepWord. It analyzed what she said and found some interesting stuff.

Throughout the interviews, Taylor was strongly focused on ‘activity and change’. It suggests she’s a gal on the move. Or, more precisely, she is interested in the movement around her.

Her Silent Stance, was ‘partly closed’ to other points of view, but that’s no great surprise because she was being interviewed for her opinion. No biggie.

But, DeepWord picked that combination that seems to be essence of many of Taylor’s songs. DeepWord said she was ‘attentive, expectant and assertive’. It strongly suggests that combination of sensitivity, desire but take-no-prisoners that embodies her masterful music.

And, that’s backed up when DeepWord looked deep down behind her words and her literal meanings. What did it find?

Well, Taylor Swift is ‘smart, sure and vigilant’.

No wonder she is such a big star. She’s nobody’s fool and she has the confidence to deal with life as it comes. But, there’s a subtle wariness the DeepWord found in her interviews. She is vigilant, watching, in fact, watching out. She the confident sentry guarding her own intelligence and sensitivity.

This is what DeepWord showed us.

Test your own messages at DeepWord.

You may be in for a surprise.

Co-creator of DeepWord. Creator of Infra Language.

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