Vin Scully: The Voice of LA

An LA Times article by Doug Smith names Vin Scully as the “Voice of LA.” He is certainly the voice of the Dodgers having called their games for over 40 years.

Starting with the Brooklyn Dodgers’ games, he followed the team to LA in 1958. And, through his mastery of voice, detail, and emotion, he has become the doyen of sports broadcasters.

So, what is it about Vin’s delivery that works so well? Vin is analytical and emotional. And, he can combine the two perfectly when needed. That’s captured in his classic call: “Gone!”

See two great quotes that give you a hint of his skills through DeepWord’s objective insights.

First, Vin’s metaphor about baseball shows his rational prowess:

“Football is to baseball as blackjack is to bridge. One is the quick jolt. The other the deliberate, slow-paced game of skill, but never was a sport more ideally suited to television than baseball. It’s all there in front of you. It’s theater, really. The star is the spotlight on the mound, the supporting cast fanned out around him, the mathematical precision of the game moving with the kind of inevitability of Greek tragedy. With the Greek chorus in the bleachers!”

DeepWord’s analysis shows Vin thinking: he’s analyzing and appraising. And, his certainty is formidable as he is mostly closed to other points of view. And, you get the sense of the character of his emotions: DeepWord sees the message as smart, determined and distant.

And, what about the deeper motivations? DeepWord says Vin is being serious, realistic and categorical. Here, Vin is a university professor lecturing students: a force to be reckoned with.

So, what’s he like when he talks from the heart: when his message is full of feeling?

“I really love baseball. The guys and the game, and I love the challenge of describing things. The only thing I hate — and I know you have to be realistic and pay the bills in this life — is the loneliness on the road.”

DeepWord’s analysis is pointed: Vin is feeling and expressing. But, his rock solid certainty is still there. His Silent Stance is still mostly closed to others’ points of view. And, that’s no criticism. It’s about the strength of the man.

But, now, see the mood of his message: vigilant, trustworthy and influential. That’s a combination of emotions that will hold you in your seat. To experience feelings of that caliber is something very special.

And, his deeper motivations? In this quote, DeepWord identifies that Vin is being unyielding, smart and emphatic. His certainty is a deep foundation that supports his emotions in a unique way.

In combination, Vin Scully breaks through the limitations of a radio or television broadcast and tells you exactly what’s happening and precisely how it feels.

And, to many, that makes Vin Scully the true Voice of LA: telling us what’s happening and how it feels.

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3 comments on “Vin Scully: The Voice of LA
  1. ecsk says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

  2. Geraldo Nunez says:

    Vin is my hero. What a strong, vibrant and wonderful man … and communicator. LA voice is so true. Thanks for that excellent blog. Any ideas about using DeepWord for sales?

  3. Thanks Geraldo. Vin is a gem. The first DeepWord response is what you need to see. It tells you where on the sales sequence they sit. Push them through the “expressing” and “moving” as fast as you can. I’ll put some more information together soon and send you a link.

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