DeepWord Meanings


What is the message maker’s principal concern?

Their message is identified as being in one of five stages that relate to the decision-making sequence. It will be tagged as “noting and informing”, “analyzing and appraising”, “knowing and believing”, “feeling and expressing”, or “moving and changing.”

Note that each stage of the decision-making sequence links to the next. The final stage is about taking action.

Silent Stance

What is the message maker’s standpoint? How open are they to other points of view? How closed are they to other ideas?

Silent Stance measures how certain the message maker is.

Message Mood

Which emotions are openly expressed through the message maker’s tone?

The Message Mood shows how the message maker presents themselves. It records the overt expression of feelings.

Deep Down

What are the message maker’s deeper feelings and motivations?

Deep Down is the deepest and most subtle of measurements. It shows what is driving the message maker. It gives an insight into the power of DeepWord and Infra Language.




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