Where There’s a Wills … There’s a Kate

When people are interviewed, their language is influenced by their circumstances. So, there is absolutely no surprise that both William and Catherine would have certain characteristics in their natural speech during interviews. You could predict them before they opened their mouths.

However, with the Prince and Princess of Cambridge, we find something rather special; something rather telling.

Something Ordinary; Something Special

The Wavelength of Wills and Kate is extraordinary. DeepWord says that both of them focus on knowing and believing. It’s very unusual for people being interviewed to present that way. But, it tells you something about depth and certainty. They both have it in spades.

There is nothing unusual at all in their Silent Stance. Both are partly closed which is utterly normal for people being interviewed. They want to express their point of view without others passing judgement … and fair enough, too. After all, that’s what an interview is all about: your perspective.

Melded Moods

So, what about their moods? Bingo! DeepWord says that both are feeling and expressing almost the same feelings. William and Catherine are both attentive and vigilant. Again, no surprise if someone is being interviewed, but they are clearly, pretty tight.

Do you start to get the sense that these two are very lucky to find each other? This is an excellent sign for their long-term relationship.

Are there any differences? Yes. William’s mood, according to DeepWord, has an extra and different element. And, so has Catherine’s. William feels smart. Kate feels emphatic. So, you can see a difference in emotions right there. It is pretty obvious. He feels clever. She feels forceful. It’s a strong combination when these two work together. So powerful that it’s a bit daunting, actually.

Deep Down, the Treasure

Bingo, again! DeepWord found that William, Deep Down, is emphatic. Remember, that was Catherine’s mood. So, the difference here is simply depth.

DeepWord says both of them, Deep Down, are trustworthy. These two are sooo close!

So, how much better could this twinning of spirits get? Let’s look at the Deep Down differences.

William is determined. That’s a powerful and driving force. But, Catherine is a little different. She is influential and certain.

So, Wills has powerful will-power. Kate has a pure certainty. (That’s what her name means.)

With William’s drive and Catherine’s assuredness, you have a combination of focus, emotion and character that is … mightily impressive! You would be hard-pushed to find a better combination for a king and a queen.

See how close you are to your partner?

Test their language and yours: DeepWord.